Buying and Renting: Which Is the Best Option for You?

When you move to a new place with your family, there is one big question about accommodation – should you buy a new home or rent one? The budget available at hand, the chances of finding a suitable home in a suitable locality and many other such factors determine whether it is better to buy a home or rent one.

When it is better to buy a home?

For those paying a huge amount as rent, buying a home and paying the mortgage installments instead would be a better option. Also, a home purchased in a good locality would come with good appreciation value and can be one of the best investments to make when you have surplus amount in hand. Besides, nothing beats the feeling of residing in a place you can call your own. You also have the freedom to fully renovate and remodel your home as you like.

When is renting a better choice?

When you are moving to a new country or a new locality it is better to rent a house in the beginning. If you are only there for a short period of time, renting is better than buying a house. You could choose a fully furnished house to avoid the hassle of buying or renting furniture and then moving them again. When you have shortlisted the best residential localities convenient for the whole family, one that is safe, then you can look for properties to buy. Also if you already own a house, the next one you buy might often be for investment. So pick a locality where the appreciation of the property is good or one where the rental income you get can be useful.

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