Affordability of a new home talks about the amount you would be shelling out as downpayment as well as the monthly mortgage amount to be paid. Combining this if you would like to get a decent deal then work on improving your credit score. If you plan to buy a house soon then here are some ways in which you can start saving money so as to accumulate your mortgage deposit amount. After all the bigger the deposit you make the lower the loan amount you would need and the easier would the repayment process be.

  1. Start making tiny changes to your purchasing pattern. Right from your planned monthly expenses to the unplanned ones find ways to cut down the money spent each month. is a place to visit before you buy anything so as to save money.
  2. Lower the rent and monthly food expenses. These are basic expenses that are unavoidable. So when you manage to save on the basics you end up making bulk savings.
  3. Stick with one credit card only. And use this card only for emergencies. Having a credit card and maintaining a healthy spending pattern is good for your credit score. But having too many cards or using them for all your small expenses makes it difficult to keep a tab on how much you spend each month.
  4. Reselling old unused appliances and other products can help you add some extra cash to your savings.
  5. Find a gig or a part-time job or any other source of additional income to help you consistently save money.
  6. Choose wise short term investment options with good rates of interest. The maturity amount from these investments can then be used for your deposit.
  7. Strict budget plans and strategies can help you save money in the long run even after you buy a house.
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