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Packing and moving can be strenuous if you choose to do it yourself without hiring professional packing services. But then you would also be saving a large sum of money which the Packers might charge you. If you plan in advance and if you tackle one room at a time and do everything in an organized way you can easily finish your packing without losing your sanity. Your closet would be the easiest place, to begin with. There are a few things to remember when you are packing your clothes for the move. If you wish to find some pretty accessories for yourself before the move check out Luxtime website.

  1. The off-season should be out of sight

Off-season clothes are the easiest to pack. If you already have them separated in boxes you can easily set them aside before you go for the rest, otherwise, put them in a box and keep them in a corner.

  1. Pack the essentials in an accessible bag

The school clothes for kids, work wear and other essentials like lingerie should all be kept aside so that you can pack them in a convenient bag rather than hunting for them from the bigger boxes.

  1. Keep a box of the immediately required clothes

The first week after you move in might be the week where you find yourself constantly on your feet. For such busy times, pack a week’s worth of clothes for the whole family in a separate box so that you can take the week to organize your closet.

  1. Finish the laundry

If you only have clean clothes to pack, the work gets easier. So do the laundry for several days in advance. Doing the laundry every day ensures that you only have a small set of dirty clothes to carry during the move.

  1. Hangers go as they are

Wrap the hanging clothes in their hangers using huge plastic bags to be able to hang them back in the new closet as they are.…

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